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Specific Country Information

In this section you can find information that pertains to your country's requirements and procedures laid out by the Polish Consular Mission / Embassy in that specific nation. 

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It is estimated that there are about 38,000 Indians in Poland and that number is sharply increasing. The demand for labour outside the EU is huge and Poland tends to reach out to India for this shortage. This article will help you navigate your way to obtaining the necessary Polish documents. *DokuPol does not issue work permits 


If you're an EU citizen wishing to relocate to Poland, the good news is you don't require as much paperwork. Depending on your purpose of stay, you may only need to register yourself with the local authorities. This article also provides tips on how to relocate to Poland with a Non-EU citizen family member. This also applies to citizens of the EFTA. (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein)

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Since BREXIT came into effect, UK nationals will have to go through the same steps as Non-EU citizens when relocating to Poland. This article covers UK nationals married to Polish citizens, Polish diaspora living in the UK wishing to obtain Polish citizenship and more. 

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Canada and Poland share strong historical ties with an estimated 1.10 million Poles living in Canada and just couple hundred in Poland (including Thomas himself). This trend is changing however with many Canadians studying at Polish higher education institutions. This article covers citizenship information for Canadians with Polish roots as well as visa information. 

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From Chicago to New York, to Los Angeles you've probably met someone with Polish heritage. That's because a whopping est. 9 million Poles live in the US alone. Ties between the two countries are significant. In this article you'll find information on citizenship, visa information and more.

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The UAE itself is home to more expats that citizens and Dubai hosts new nationalities every year. Daily flights connect Warsaw and Kraków with the Emirates. That being said many treat the UAE as a pitstop before relocating elsewhere. In this article you'll find information on how to relocate to Poland with Emirati documents. This also touches on other GCC nations (Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) 

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If there's a country as far away as possible from Poland, it's got to be Australia and New Zealand. Although the population is only about 250,000 combined many still keep ties with Poland. In this article you'll find information on citizenship, visa information and more.

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