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Answers to common questions you may have

This information does not constitute a source of law. The authors have made due diligence to ensure that it complies with applicable legal regulations. However it should be remembered that it applies to typical, frequently occurring cases, and may not fully refer to individual cases. The number and type of documents that may be requested by administrative bodies during the proceedings may differ from those specified depending on the specific case. In case of any doubts please contact the competent authority to examine an individual case or familiarize yourself with the law.

Does DokuPol only assist newcomers from English speaking countries?

No. DokuPol services are open to all nationals wishing to settle or work in Poland, however assistance is only offered in English, Polish and German. Documents requiring translation in another language other than English/Polish will need to be conducted by a third-party translator. 

How will my case be handled?

Clients select how much involvement they would like from DokuPol. Assistance can be given with simply filling out the correct forms and/or representing clients [pełnomocnictwo] from the beginning to the governing body's decision. It's best for clients to take advantage of DokuPol's free consultation* .

What makes DokuPol different from other service providers?

DokuPol's dynamic services differ from other service providers, as our experience includes native English and Polish speakers as well as familiarity with up-to-date government information. Each case is handled by one person from start to finish, rather than multiple representatives. Clients are informed every step of the way. 

What is the time limit for submission of an application for a temporary stay permit?

An application for a temporary stay permit should be submitted no later than on the last day of legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

How long is a temporary stay permit granted for?

Under current legislation, such permits may be granted for no longer than three years. A formal decision is made by an official or governing body. Occasionally this period is shorter than the one requested by the applicant.

Do I need to be located in Poland for DokuPol to help me?

Not necessarily - DokuPol may be able to assist with certain matters remotely without the client being present in Poland. Other matters related to citizenship, passports or registration of certain documents may require visits to Polish embassies or consulates. Please contact DokuPol for more information.  

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